Чит коды на Friday the 13th: The Game (PC)

Run Without Losing Stamina:

Basically all you have to to is equipt a weapon and Press [C] + [Shift]

at the same time and when you notice that your running all

glitchy. Press [C] again to look like your about to hit someone

and bam your running without losing any Stamina.

Note: This glitch was performed on an unpatched version of the

game. It will probably eventually get patched.

Level Up Quickly:

CP or Customization Points can be mostly earned from the action

that are been done while playing the game. And the easiest way

is by completing the match in less time, so that you can play a

majority of the games. By any means if you die in the game early,

don't be impatient and leave the game as you will be receiving a

heavy XP around 500 while staying and not leaving the game. So

this is the first way you can get some good amount of points

without losing much.

You can even have a chance of getting back in the game as Tommy,

as he can arrive only after a person dies or escapes. And you

will receive a heavy bunch of points for staying in game and

the actions that you will perform being Tommy will give you more.

-=Playing a Jason=-

* You need to search in the house and barn for counselors to

kill them.

* Be careful while entering the house or barn, they might have

kept a trap on the entrance.

* Use your teleport ability to reach a desired destination quickly.

* You can use shift ability to get close to your target & sense

ability to know where they are exactly.

* Make sure you use these abilities a bit wisely as they take

time to refresh.

* Don't waste your time trying to enter the room from window as

you cannot, so wait until you catch them outside the house or

be quick to run inside the house.

* If counselors are near the car and trying to escape, you can

kill them by pulling them out from the car window. If there

are many counselors around the car then wait until they enter.

Next you can more easily kill the counselors by pulling them

out of car window instead of running behind them.

* Don't waste your time after one person as you need to kill

everyone within 20 minutes or you will lose.

-=Playing as Counselors=-

* As the game starts make sure you are quick enough to get into

the rooms. Because if you take time Jason would be somewhere

near you and you don't want to be the first one to die.

* You can hear nearby counselors.

* Find a walky-talky in a drawer as it will help you to talk

to the rest of the counselors on the whole map.

* Try to find the phone its outside some house with blinking

red light, repair it and call the police

* Search for a car key, gas, and battery to install in the

car so that you can run away.

* Use the radio to distract Jason.

* You can find a pocket knife from any drawers inside the house.

It will help you to get out of Jason's hold.

* As Jason comes closer to you will hear a different music

playing in the background.

* When Jason uses his shift power to come near you, your screen

will have grainy flickers.

* When Jason is about to attack you, run fast in opposite direction.

* You will find a med spray in the grave yard.

* Search for gas and propeller to escape using the boat.

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