Чит коды на Football Masters 99 (PC)

Super players:
On the editor, go to the team you want, then when on team 
screen, for as many players as you want put in: 

Age: 25 
Stats all 10 
Contract the highest it will go. 

When you start the game, any player that you have done this 
to will have high stats and cost _17m. 

Note: Age can be 25, but make him older up to 27, and the price 
will go down. If you lower his age, down to 23 max, The price gets bigger. 

Good players:
P.Mijatovic - Real Madrid 
M.Molnar    - Sevilla 
G.Elber     - Bayern Munich 
Raul        - Real Madrid 
M.Owen      - Liverpool 
Ferrera     - Juventus 
M.Sammer    - ??? 
J.Stam      - Man U 
G.Neville   - Man U 
G.Batistuta - Fiorintina 
N.Lennon    - Leicster City 
G.Durie     - Rangers 
D.Anderton  - Tottenham
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