Чит коды на Flight Unlimited 3 (PC)


active runway:
If you can't figure out where to go after receiving taxi
instructions from the Ground Controller, you can press
Alt-F12 to toggle on the Taxi Path aid. A bright green
line will appear on the tarmac to guide you to the active

hot key combinations:
Although the original five aircraft from Flight Unlimited 2
don't have any autopilot controls displayed on their instrument
panels, you can still have full autopilot functionality with
them by using the appropriate hot key combinations.
Press A to toggle autopilot on or off; Alt-A for altitude
hold; Alt-H for heading hold; Alt-N for NAV 1 hold; Alt-S
for speed hold; Alt-V for vertical speed hold; Alt-W to
level wings; and Alt-M for instrument approach hold.

trouble trimming:
If you are having trouble trimming your chosen aircraft for
straight and level flight, then turn on the autopilot and let
it do the work for you. Once you disconnect from it, the
airplane should be nicely balanced for hands-off flying.
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