Чит коды на Final Fantasy 7 (PC)

How to win at Chocobo racing
During a race hold down [Page Down] + [Target] to restore
energy (takes a while). After your party parachutes back
into Midgar, you can get the W-Item materia. Enter the
subway tunnels in Sector 8. You can encounter the Turks,
away from the screen, or go to another subway section
towards the screen. Go towards the screen and the new
subway tunnel. Follow the subway tunnel until it ends at
a dead end; here you will find the W-Item materia.Now,
equip the materia on a character who has an item you want
duplicated. When a battle begins, select the W-Item entry
on the battle menu and pick the item to be duplicated.
Answer "OK" to confirm your choice and choose who will
get the new item. When selecting the second item,
choose the item to be duplicated.
Answer "OK" to confirm the selection, but cancel before
choosing a person to receive the item. You can do this
repeatedly, to increase the number of an item up to 99.
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