Чит коды на FIFA 96 (PC)

Cheats - Special Teams
To enable:
-Hit the "QUIT TO DOS" button in the game select screen.
-While the credit video is playing type "xplay [return]".

This will take you straight to the Friendly Game menu with a new
set of five extra teams, called the EA Superstars. Some of the
players in these teams have special abilities.

EA Superstars:

All Nighters
As Designed
Strontium 90
The Gimps
The Rod Benders

Cheats - Enhanced Play Modes
To enable:
-Go to the Friendly Team select menu.
-For the team on the left choose Vancouver in the USA League.
-For the team on the right choose Canada in the International
-Now press
CTRL-ALT-INSERT (as if you were rebooting the machine, but
press INSERT instead of DELETE).

This will bring up an Enhanced Play Modes menu with options to
change various game attributes. Once activated using this method,
it can be brought up again with F1.

Enhanced Play Modes:
BALL SIZE Normal-Big-Bigger-Biggest
BALL PERSONALITY Normal-Curve Ball-Crazy Ball
INVISIBLE WALLS Disabled-Enabled
TEAM A/B- SIZE Normal-Big Player-Big Team
JERSEY Normal-Beefcake-Suspenders-Muscle Shirt-Invisible Man
GOALIE Normal-Lame
PLAYERS Normal-Super Goalie-Super Defence-Super Offence-Super
Team SHOTS Normal-Super
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