Чит коды на FIFA 12 (PC)

Also known as: FIFA Soccer 12

Easy Virtual Pro Accomplishment:
Go to kick-off and select the side with your Virtual Pro on it. Play
against any side, it won't really matter. Go to "game settings" and 
adjust the "User Game Customisation". All stats should be on 50, so 
switch all of them that will benefit you (shot pace, pass pace, player
acceleration etc.) to 100. Then go to "CPU Game Customisation" and do 
the same but adjust all the stats to 0. Play on legendary and put the 
time limit high so you've got a long time to unlock accomplishments for
your player. You'll notice that the moment you start to play, it'll be 
easy to run by the computer players because they're so slow, and your 
players will be so quick. Very easy to boost your player.
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