Чит коды на Fatal Fury 3 (PC)

Actually,Fatal Fury 3 PC's cheat code is
same as Neo.Geo version.

1.To use Ryuju Yamazaki and Jin Chon Shu and Jin Chon Rei
U have to finish game and save the data which u've already met Ryuju
Yamazaki and Jins' Bro.Choose "load savedata" when u start game next
time,and choose "new game".In the characters choose screen,move the choose
box with the order below,and press Low Kick button once on every one:
Terry->Hon Fu->Mai->Geese->Bob->Sokaku Mochizuki->Andy->Franco->Joe
Higashi->Blue Mary
If u input this successfully,the "here come new fighters" will pop up,and
now u can use Ryuju and Jins' bro.

2.To use Tiny Fighters in VS mode
In VS mode,Hold both 1P and 2P 's Low Kick and High Punch
key when confirm your fighters

Enter these codes while playing:
TRYMEON     - God mode
GIVITUP     - All weapons
URDUSTD     - Turbo boost
SSMOKIN     - More turbo boost
JUMPNIT     - Skip to next level
WORMIT#     - Skip to level #
PACKIN#     - Maximum ammo for weapon #
FRAMEIT     - Toggles framerate counter
STPNSHP     - Toggles hovering (hold Ctrl to hover)
PACKIN1     - Servo laser
PACKIN2     - Isogenetic gun
PACKIN3     - Rapid laser
PACKIN5     - Viper
PACKIN6     - Baryon
PACKIN7     - Superbomb
IMTUFF      - 30 seconds of invincibility
TRYMEONOFF  - Disable invincibility
ICUNOMO     - 30 seconds of invisibility
LIVITUP     - Turbo units
TURBO       - Extra turbo	
SCPPEIT     - Oscilliscope
TUFENUF     - Full shields
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