Чит коды на Falcon F-16 (PC)

These cheats will only work in version 3.0

SHIFT+T      change time
SHIFT+U      Look Down
CTRL+ALT+5   Auto Level
P+TAB        Recon Camera (Wait for pause before hitting TAB)
While in Camera mode use the following:
+ increases speed
- decreases speed
PGUP increases altitude
PgDn decreases altitude
F3 rotates right
F4 rotates left
Hold SHIFT for up & down for rotation
Hold CTRL for fine tuning
Hit ~ to start sim back up
P+TAB+D      Debug mode
1st line: ?
2nd line: N/S & E/W Coordinates; Alt. (div. by 2); Speed
3rd line: Frame Rate
P+TAB+T      Transporter.  Enter location code & hit enter.

If you find yourself running out of weapons and are in need of
some extra afterburners during a mission hold down X+SHIFT+CTRL
together. This gives you eight sidewinders more afterburner power
and a full magazine for your cannon What's more you can do this
as often as you like.
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