Чит коды на Fairy Tale Adventure 2 (PC)

On the FTA2 cd is a folder called "Promo" full of saved games.
Copy these saves to your FTA2 main folder where ever you installed
it on your hard drive (make sure you have any of your own saves
backed up in another folder because these will probably overwrite them).

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The saves off the cd will be
set as "read only". After you copy them to your hard drive you
can right click on each of the saves and uncheck the read only
attribute on them. If you don't do that you can't save over them
and the game will crash if you try. If you don't want to mess
with the attributes, just start off by saving your games in a
fresh empty slot.)

Start the game and go the the options menu and select "load"
and you will see a long list of games you can pick from to
jump into different parts of the game. Most of these saves
are just for sightseeing, as they will start you off missing
most of the beginning of the game.

The useful one is the save "hatak". Load this save and you will
start the game in Hatak with some special items. Aside from
the obvious goodies (all characters have mirthil weapons and
armor now, all attributes maxed) Julian has 2 special items
in his inventory. The first is a book called the "Tour Guide"
and if you double click on it it will bring up a menu that
will let you teleport to any location in the game!
The second is called the "juicer" and using that will bring up a
menu to set all your stats, skills, and mana.

Recommended use:
Load "hatak", use the tour guide to teleport to
Wildevarr - Padavis - Riddenbutter's and you will be
transported to the regular game starting point on day 1,
week 1 ready to begin the game, but now with superior equipment
and stats the way you want them (the brothers will start out
on this save with all attributes maxed, but you can use the
juicer to lower them to a more challenging level if you want).

Also, since the brothers will start this game knowing all
the spells, you can take all the spell scrolls you find in
town and sell them to the pawnshop. You will end up with just
over a thousand gold this way, more than enough to get any other
goodies you want.
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