Чит коды на FA Premier League Stars (PC)

6 Goal Advantage Plus 1000 Stars:
Enter a new season and put your name in as " Goalrush Utd ". 

Easy goals:
When the match starts and you get kickoff, pass and then have 
the player run to the opponnents goal(press H on the keyboard 
to go faster) when you get close to the 6 yard box shoot and it
should go in. (make sure you have shot targetting on CPU. 
do this by going to options)

Star goals:
Start as the oppisite team and pass the ball to the goalie. 
Then have him run until he gets tackled and the striker if 
shoots will get a star goal.

Easy wins:
Start the match as the opposite team then score a few own goals. 
Then switch back to your team and keep them from scoring.
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