Чит коды на F-15 Strike Eagle 1 (PC)

During battle you may find that your plane becomes severely damaged
leaving you on the verge of destruction but all is not necessarily
lost. Press ALT + "T" to switch to training mode because this
prevents you from recieving any more damage from enemy fire. Now
press ALT + "R" to completely restock your plane - armour and fuel.

You cantale on the enemy with no fear of dying but when you return
to your base you recieve no points at all.

Edit the file egame with the hex editor an

search for   and change it to  result
29 06 EE 4F     90 90 90 90    enough petrol
FF 8F F0 4F     90 90 90 90    enough fire balls
FF 8F FA 4F     90 90 90 90    enough rockets
FF 06 00 95     90 90 90 90    enough energy/lifes
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