Чит коды на Exile 3: Ruined World (PC)

Enter one of the following codes to activate the cheat function.
[Shift] + [Period]            - Towns ignore previous bad actions
[Shift] + W                   - New jobs and inventory in shops
Hold [Shift] and type 7890    - Hidden message; put each letter together
Hold [Shift] + [Alt] + [Ctrl]
and press A + W               - All weapons

Burma Shave
To get the Burma Shave message,
hold down SHIFT and type 7, 8, 9, 0.
Each letter is a different part of the message.

Forgetfullness is Bliss
Having trouble with the local authorities?
Hold SHIFT and press '.' to make towns forget bad
things you did (stealing, for example.)
This will not work if you stole from the Anama in Shayder.

Refresh Jobs and Junk Shops
While playing, hold SHIFT and press W.
This will make the available jobs and junk shop inventory
change each time you do this.

Hex cheat
Here's a fun cheat for those who has beaten the game and don't
want to put it away yet.  The hex locations in the save file for
the 4 soul crystal slots are 7920 7922 7924 and 7926.  By editing
these locations, you will have the ability to summon pratically
any monster to fight for you; even the ones that are impossible to
capture with the spell.  Imagine summoning an Order Mage or
Vahnatai Lord!  or perhaps Erika!  Monsters that are larger than
1 square have screwed up graphics but work otherwise.

Heres a list of monsters and their hex values:

0A - Mung Demon                  62 - Mutant Giant
0B - Haakai                      72 - Ogre Mage
18 - Vampire                     D4 - Naga
19 - Lich                        D5 - Efreet
27 - Doomguard                   D9 - Giant Slug
34 - Ur-Basilisk                 DB - Rakshasa
37 - Crystal Soul                E0 - Elhioc
39 - Gazer                       E4 - Khoth
3A - Eyebeast                    E8 - Erica
3C - Vahnatai Keeper             EA - Solburg
3D - Vahnatai Bladesmaster       ED - Rentar
3E - Vahnatai Lord               EE - Athron
41 - Wizard                      EF - Solfras
42 - Order Mage                  F4 - Dark Wyrm
46 - Empire Archer               F6 - Drake Lord
48 - Evil High Priest            FB - Pack Leader
4A - High Priest                 FE - Jewel Golem
4C - Empire Dervish              FF - Demon Golem
50 - Guard
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