Чит коды на Everquest (PC)

Good Exp for low levels in Qeynos Area
You must be in qeynos area before ateempting this trick, 
and around level 2-4. Once you reach level 3, go to Qeynos 
hills and kill Gnolls, Gnoll pups , Gnoll scouts or Gnoll 
watchers. There is a slight chance they will drop gnoll 
fangs. Get 4 (or more) gnoll fangs and take them to the 
captain of the gaurds that overlooks the arena. Give him 4 
teeth at a time. He will give you lots of exp and 4 moonstones. 
Give the moonstones to the bartender in the back of the 
bar in South Qqeynos. He will also give you exp.
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