Чит коды на European Championship Soccer (PC)

When your opponent kicks off push your joystick up and to the right
and you should get the ball after a couple of seconds. Once you've
got it run along the side of the pitch and when you get to the goal
line turn 90-degrees to face the goal and shoot. The ball either
swerves into the net or hits the post and is counted as a goal. Once of
the hardest positions to play is the goalkeeper so as soon as the ball
enters the box the PC switches control to your keeper.Don't dive for
the striker's feet as the striker can easily dribble the ball
around you. Wait for him to shoot and then make the save. If you
get a corner point the joystick towards the post and shoot - the ball
will probably hit the post and is sometimes counted as a goal. Test
out your opponent's goalkeeper by taking a few long shots. If he
saves them all without dropping the ball forget crossing the ball
as he'll be able to intercept them. If he fumbles a couple of
them - cross the ball and try an over-head kick.
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