Чит коды на Escape: Or Die Trying (ODT) (PC)

When these codes are typed correctly, a sound will be heard.
When typed at the Main Menu:

LACRIMOSA - After starting a new game and selecting a character to play,
new menus will appear allowing any game level. and sector
to be played.
SOPHIA - Add Sophia to playable characters.
KARMA - Add Karma to playable characters.

When typed inside a game when the pause menu is up (press ESCAPE):

XUL - Full Energy (Red Bar).
BOZ - Full Mana (Purple Bar).
JBB - Full capacity on all 4 weapons.
MATH - Increase power slightly on all 4 weapons.
GRABO - Increase Armour, Weapon, and Spirit levels slightly.
MUMU - Increase Experience to maximum.
ALEX - Set number of lives to 50.
RIK - All Spells acquired.
VINCE - Add one star to each acquired Spell.
CACHOU - Full Energy, full Mana, full Experience, 50 lives, full
capacity and power for all 4 weapons, increase Armour,
Weapon, and Spirit slightly, all Spells acquired, all 4 stars
on Spells.
BAR - ?
ODT - ?
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