Чит коды на Epic Pinball (PC)

Cheat Codes
* Please note these are for the OLD version of Epic Pinball.

Press F1 on options menu for more balls.
While playing, press ESC.  When asked to quit, press J.
To get 2 Balls and also have control over ball press ESC, B, then J
You can make the flippers "stick" by pressing "X" and "/"

These debug codes in the shareware version will help you have
some fun with the game. All codes need to have escape (ESC) to
be pressed first for the prompt; the responses to this prompt
activates the cheats.  (The escape is included for quick reference.)

Codes      Purpose
ESC-B-N    * An extra ball is dropped during play.

ESC-J      + Using the cursor keys, the ball is
under player control.

ESC-F9     A border appears.
(Does not work for all monitors.)

ESC-F10    A screen captures to file SCREEN.PCX.

ESC-F1     A parameter request prompt.
(Unknown parameters)

* This works on all tables in the registered version, except
for Enigma that crashes (albeit in a very colorful way)

Cheat Edit
For unlimited balls, jump to dos and do this:

** For unlimited balls in all of the tables (registered): **

Be sure that the ep*.exe are not packed with exe-compressors
like pklite or lzexe!

File/table    file-offset (hex/dec) original (hex)

ep1.exe/ANDROID        34D0D/216333  FE 06 37 68
ep2.exe/POT OF GOLD    36AD1/223953  FE 06 58 55
ep3.exe/EXCALIBUR      336B7/210615  FE 06 C1 4D
ep4.exe/CRASH AND BURN 338C8/211144  FE 06 55 59
ep5.exe/MAGIC          3049D/197789  FE 06 D2 43
ep6.exe/JUNGLE PINBALL 37FF6/229366  FE 06 BB 60
ep7.exe/DEEP SEA       34358/213848  FE 06 1E 55
ep8.exe/ENIGMA         37932/227634  FE 06 AE 4F

Overwrite the original bytes with 4 x 90 (hex). now you should
play pinball with unlimited balls.
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