Чит коды на Enter the Gungeon (PC)

Easy "I Knew Someone Would Do It" achievement or trophy:

Flip a table on its side then push it into a pit.

Easy "Biggest Wallet" achievement or trophy:

You must be holding a total of at least 300 coins. Clear all rooms in

each chamber and try not to purchase anything at the shop. If you find

the Sell Creep, give him guns and items in return for some coins. You

might be able to reach the desired total before completing chamber 3,

especially if the secret chamber was cleared.

Note: This will also unlock the Coin Crown.

Easy "Case Closed" achievement:

Complete one of the main characters' past to get a very rare random

chance to find a Bullet Kin with a red cape replacing a regular Bullet

Kin. They will simply wander around and will not shoot at you or deal

contact damage either. If the caped Bullet Kin is the last enemy in the

room with you, it will eventually disappear. Allow this to happen five

times over any number of playthroughs to unlock the Bullet as a playable


Easy "Day Ruiner" achievement or trophy:

You will eventually unlock a weapon called "The Mailbox" in the Acquisition's

Department. Once obtained, notice that it fires letters, with the last "bullet"

being a parcel which can have a variety of effects (poison, explosion, and

glitter). Fight the Boss and glitter all over it. If done correctly, the Boss

will be sparkling. Then, kill it using another weapon.

Easy "The Password" achievement or trophy:

Green demon faces will rarely appear in rooms, usually on the later floors.

If you have either 100 casings (money) or at least one curse from any source

altars, cursed guns, stealing, breaking a mirror etc.), enter and to teleport

to a market room with every item-selling Gungeon NPC available, including a

side room with Winchester and his game. If you do not have 100 casings or a

curse, the face will spit you out.

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