Чит коды на Endorfun (PC)

Hints and Tips

Each game in Endorfun has its own internal strategy
By producer/designer Michael Feinberg.

Quickening Game

The object of this mode is speed and staying on the board
for as little time as possible. Just go after the Life
Force as quickly as possible; dawdling is not the path
to perfection.

Longevity Game

Think of this game as the opposite of Quickening; you
want to stay on the board as long as you can. Still,
you must move faster than you do in Quickening.
Clear the initial board as quickly as you can so that
you can move to the next level & board. Repeat this
process with each new board. Remember: the faster you
clear a level, the more levels you will get and you'll
be able to stay. Think: Tetris with a mind-expanding
point of view.

Abundance Game

This is the game of accumulation - racking up as many
points as possible within the time limit, The best way
to do this is to first gobble up all the Life Force on
the board but one. Leave that and then concentrate on
your point total. As you do this, keep an eye (your
third eye?) on the timer so that you can absorb the
final life force just before time runs out.

on the Onesong level
You must go for the timer bonus; if you don't, you
won't be able to finish the game.

on the Kaleidoscope level
Play for the global bonus.
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