Чит коды на Doctor Who (PC)

(Doctor Who: Dalek Attack )

become invulnerable to bullets.

In London jump into the water at the start of the level and then jump
through the water until you reach the other side.  Jump to the top building
there and then leap as far as you can to the right.  Run across the
platforms that appear before you for about six blocks of platform then
leap up.  Another platform should then appear above you. Jump to the left
of this then jump right and then back to the left.  Jump again up to the
top left-hand corner this time and you can see a host of power-ups
ready and waiting for you - including an extra life.
There's an extra life to be found in Paris too.  After you have travelled
through the catacombs and you are standing on top of the drain leap up
as high as you can.  From the end of the building jump right and
platforms appear.
There's a red Dalek flying around at this spot so watch your step.
Stand in the middle of this group of platforms and jump up then left
a bit and then right a bit and then left a bit and then (you guessed it)
right a bit and then left as far as you can run across the platform you
are now standing on as far as you can to the right.  The goodies are all
there at the end of the platform but be careful because the platform
doesn't continue beyond this point. A step too far and you find yourself
falling to your death.
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