Чит коды на Discworld 2: Mortality Bytes (PC)


Move your cursor slowly over everything on the screen.
Then move Rincewind across the screen and do it again.
You may find that he was covering something that was
nearly invisible, and frankly many objects don't stand out.

Double-click every object on at least one other object
and character to get some idea of how it will eventually
be used.

You can't mess up by doing things out of sequence or dying,
so it really isn't necessary to save frequently.
(Bet you never thought you'd read that, eh?)
You might want to reconfigure the sound options immediately,
Speech is separate from sound and music, and important dialogue
is sometimes lost in the incidental background.

The university faculty are rather unobservant.
If you switched out their croquet mallets for stationary
animals, they probably wouldn't notice.
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