Чит коды на Disciples 2: Gold Edition (PC)

On the World map, hit [Enter] to call up the Message Screen, and then 
type the following codes.
herecomesthesun        - Full map                                   
help!                  - Heal entire party                          
paintitblack           - Hide map                                   
loser                  - Lose mission                               
givepeaceachance       - Peace with all countries                   
borntorun              - Reset party movement points to full        
lifeisacarnival        - Revive units                               
badtothebone           - War with all countries                     
wearethechampions      - Win mission                                
moneyfornothing        - 9999 Mana and Gold                         
letsdothetimewarpagain - Advance a day                              
invisibletouch         - AI ignores you                             
jump                   - All party members gain exp                 
stairwaytoheaven       - All party members level up                 
cometogether           - Alliance with all countries                
anotherbrickinthewall  - Allow buildings in the capital             
allalongthewatchtower  - Know units within enemy cities and generals
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