Чит коды на DiRT 4 (PC)

Save your headlights:
If you're racing in Sweden, at night, with snow under your wheels and
heavy rain on your windscreen then the absolute last thing you want to
do is find yourself without headlights. Any knock into a trackside pile
of snow and ice, or nearby trees, has the potential to dramatically reduce
your already compromised visibility and ruin any chance of getting onto
the podium. Of course, you need to weigh the up risk/reward proposition
of driving fast against driving with a view to keeping your electronics
healthy and fit for purpose. Make use of any and all practice sessions
you're afforded before taking to the track proper with the intent of
setting a time, even if that means jumping out of a competition to race
the course in free play.
The more you understand how your car reacts in challenging conditions
the less chance you have of finding yourself in a challenging situation.

Pay attention to your co-driver:
DiRT 4 has some well designed courses, and you need to be looking for cues
and turns, sure, but your co-driver will be calling out turns and obstacles
in your path. Listen to him, he can give you some fair warning for stuff
coming up ahead.

Don't play nice:
Motorsports aren't about playing fair. If you see an opponent, nudge them off
the track. Bump into them. Disrupt them and their momentum. Do anything
you can to rattle them. Especially since they'll be doing the same to you.
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