Чит коды на Dinotopia (PC)

In the game there's a dinosaur named Onno who plays a
card game with you called TREBLE. You need to win two
hands from her to get the necklace and the brass hinge
you need to finish the game, but she's tough to beat
when it comes to cards.

Here's the cheat: Bet one of your possessions against one
of Onno's. When the card game starts, press the
back-apostrophe key [`] once. It won't make a noise or
flash a graphic on the screen to tell you it's working,
but Onno will get REALLY STUPID. You'll be able to win
your trinkets from her with ease.

Press the apostrophe(') key once and only once and Onno,
the card playing dinosaur gets really stupid and it becomes
very esy to beat her at Treble.
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