Чит коды на Death Road to Canada (PC)

Developer Console:
Here's instructions on how to access the Developer Console.

Open up boot.df
Look for this line at the top of the file:
   : debugcheck DEBUG_BUILD console! ; debugcheck

Type this line right under it:
  1 console!

Save boot.df and start up the game.
Press [`] or [~] tilde (the key above [Tab])

Console Commands:
Where can I find the list of console commands?

' words ' in console gives a bunch
' vl ' and then a word to search for that word

vl WEAPON_                 - Dump weapons.
WEAPON_FOO pchar .weapona! -
X LOOT_FOO pchar .lootamt! -
foo .drift                 - Spawn in the middle of the room, 
                             only works with defined weapons. (thing/don/kepa)

regiondef{ traderhere }    - Spawn a trader
regiondef{ traderinside }  - Spawn a trader in the center of the room.
road{ foo }                - General event summon, usable with 
                             e.g. special characters or common events

road{ tradeevent }         - Start a trade camp event 
                             (you can call this in script too)
roomgen{ X .zombspawn }    - Spawn X zombies
vl zomb, vl skel           - Dump something?
X trunk-foo+               - Add to trunk
X LOOT_FOO pchar .lootamt! - Add to character

road{ X to road-trip-days }             - Set road trip days
road{ 15 to road-trip-days tradeevent } - Final camp
char-gen to recruitee recruited         - Quick road recruit
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