Чит коды на Daggerfall (PC)

Также известная как: The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall , Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall
Create a directory named "pics" in the "dagger" directory.
Press \ to save up to ten screenshots.

Press [F5] to display the stats screen. Click on a stat and
position the mouse to where the bonus point icon usually appears.
Click where the up arrow usually appears to add up to six points to
the selected stat. Exit the screen and repeat this procedure to add
more points. This code may only be enabled on the original version of
the game.

Type $ as the first character of a spell name to only expend
25% of normal when casting. Type ! as the first character of a spell
name to expend 0% of normal, but with a limit of casting the
spell only once a day.

Cheap Spells: 
Adding a $ sign before the name of your spell in the 
spell maker will cut the casting cost by 3/4. 
Example - $Armagedon

Adding a ! before the spell will cause the spell to cost 
nothing at the expense of being able to cast it once every 
24hours. Example - !Armagedon 

Cheat Mode: 
Make sure you've installed patch 2.13 or later,then edit 
the z.cfg file and add the following line: 

To use cheat mode, press any of the buttons below while playing. 

Ctrl + F4  - Invincibility
Alt + F11  - Returns you to the last place you were standing
Ctrl + F1  - Shows all map locations
[ and ]    - Takes you to key dungeon locations
-          - Raises your reputation with everyone
+          - Raises all stats by 1
1          - Move at six times normal speed

Daedra Summoning Dates: 
When you're rank in the Mages Guild is high enough, 
you can summon Daedra's on specific dates.

5th and 21st of First Seed 
1st and 13th of Morning Star 
2nd and 16th of Suns Dawn 
5th of Mid Year 
10th of Suns Height 
3rd of Hearth Fire 
8th and 13th of Frost Fall 
2nd and 20th of Suns Dusk 
20th of Evening Star 

Easy Level Ups and Free Items: 
One of the worst bugs of daggerfall is the clipping, but  
it is easy to use that to your advantage. First, go to a 
town and try to sleep or kill a peasant. When the guards  
chase you, just run and jump over (or climb) a line of 
shrubbery. The guards will be stuck and you can then turn  
around and kill then through the bushes. This is an easy  
way to gain experience as you kill the guards for experiece 
then take their items to sell or keep. 

Easy Theft: 
Go to a store and loiter inside until it closes. Now check 
the shelfs. Everything should be able to be removed in your 
inventory like you would do to a treasure you just found. 

Be sure to save the game before you try this as timing can be 
tricky. You may have to save, exit, and reload your game to 
lose the shopkeeper. 

Raise Stats: 
Press [F5] to go to the stats screen. Click on any stat  
(i.e. Strength) and move the mouse to the right where the 
bonus point icon would be. Hit where the up arrow would be  
(if you'd gone up a level) to add 4-6 points to the statistic. 
Then exit the screen and re-enter to add 4-6 points more. 
This code works on the original, unpatched game. Also, when 
you go up a level you must distribute your bonus points even
if all of your stats are at 100. 

Unlimited Items and Gold: 
This bug is fairly simple. All you have to do is find a 
building with piles of treasure you can pick up. (Dark 
Brotherhood buildings are best.) Pick up everything in 
every pile. Save your game. When you load it back up, 
you'll have everything you had before and all the piles 
will be back and have different stuff.
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