Чит коды на Crime Adventure (PC)

Examine fortune cookie in restaurant -> tells you how to find
But  Mr.Fenwick  won't give you his putter.Read Mrs.Fenwick's
diary. Read computer  in  IBM  ->  stew recipe. Get all the
stuff in Fenwick kitchen. Make stew.  Feed Mr.Fenwick -> putter.
Examine dresser -> cash. Read Fenwick note & Dig  ground  with
shovel  ->  coi n. Insert coin in PAC-MAN. Buy pair of golf shoes
from  shoe  store. Get Hairpin & Drop golf ball in green before
putting ball. you are now in an underground passage. Pick lock with
hairpin. Get chair & Drop it below the ceiling hole. Climb
chair & go dini ng room.


1. pay gypsy woman a penny so that she tells you what the author
has already  told you ie. your mission.
2. get her painting & she'll throw you out.
3. hit the arcade machines twice & you'll get thrown out.
4. go e or w on the e-w roads & you'll have an accident.

unused - hat, painting, license plate, gypsy mirror.
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