Чит коды на Command & Conquer: Counterstrike (PC)

"Q" Trick
This is very useful when your troops are weak. First,
hold down the letter "Q" and select a unit/units.
(DON'T RELEASE "Q"!) Click on the enemy unit. Now, as
long as you hold down "Q", you can keep your unit/units
moving while they will automatically fire at the selected

Fight on the Moon
To do this trick you must play in skirmishes, a multiplayer
mode. Set the level to Lunar Surface (Lg special) and you
can set anything else however you want. While playing you
will notice the extra-slow movement of your units.
This is showing that there is less gravity on the moon.
Also some of the enemies will dive underground just like
subs do! I think the enemy is some sort of moon alien!
This is a really fun place to battle!

How to get telsa tanks
To get telsa tanks you must go to NEW MISSIONS. Then go to
Legacy Of Telsa and when you are playing force fire on the
Tech Center with the telsa tanks by holding down [Ctrl] and
attacking them. Then quit and when you are playing hold down
[SHIFT] and build a radar jamer. There ya go,ya got a TELSA TANK!

Free Men
Build a missile silo. When the missile is ready,
sell the silo and immeidately launch the missile.
If you were quick enough, the sale will have stopped
and some troops will come out of the silo.

Giant Ant Missions
At the title screen, hold the left SHIFT button and
click the left mouse button on the round speaker.
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