Чит коды на Commanche 1 (PC)

While playing game, hit escape to bring up the menu, then hold
down BACKSPACE while typing "kyle", and a new menu should appear.

Alternatively, you can search the EXE file with a hex editor, for
the word "HEAT".  Then change the character before it to a C,
(making the word "CHEAT"). Now when you load the game, the same
new menu should appear.

If you're struggling and don't want to repeat a mission should you
mess one up you can copy the COMANCHE.NAM file when you complete a
mission.  If you then make a mistake during the mission you can
simply overwrite the file. To do this get into your commanche
directory and type:
copy comanche.nam
Then should you get killed in the next mission quit to DOS and type:
copy comanche.nam
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