Чит коды на Club Football: The Manager (PC)

Hex cheat:
Now load a Hex Editor such as the one in the NU
package, and pop-up the file called CMSAV1.DAT
from the main Club Football directory.
When the file is displayed, use the cursors to guide
yourself to the Hex Location 244F3, and change
the "00 20 A1 07" you find there to  "7F FF  FF FF".
Now save these changes and quit back to DOS.

From the  command prompt, load the game back up again,
and this time click on the icon to load save-game 1.
When the game is loaded, just to prove how much money
you've got, go to the screen with all your finances on,
and you  will see that your bank balance has risen from
a measly 
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