Чит коды на Civilization: Beyond Earth (PC)

How to Get the Free MP3 Soundtrack:
Firaxis promised a free OST to everyone 
that purchased Civilization: Beyond Earth. Normally, there should be 
a file with the OST in MP3 format. Check your installation location 
for this folder:

\Steam\steamapps\common\Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth\assets\Soundtrack

If there is no "Soundtrack" file, follow the steps below to extract the 
free soundtrack from the game files. The soundtrack can be found 
in a non-MP3 form in the installation folder. Search this folder 
to find .ogg soundtrack files:

         \Sid Meier's Civilization Beyond Earth\assets\Sounds\Streamed\Music

-=How to Extract the MP3 Soundtrack=-
Download a free .fpk file unpacker program. Find your 
"Civilization: Beyond Earth" installation file and open the folder 
listed below:

Find the file "MiscData.fpk", run the .fpk unpacker and you'll 
be able to view the contents. The full MP3 soundtrack is located inside. 
Export the files to a folder of your choosing and they should run normally.

Orbital bonuses:
The following bonuses are available to Orbitals after enough research 
has been done in the Technology Web:

Orbital                Required tech        Bonus
All-Seer             - Dark Networks      - Protects city from Intrigue.
Deep Space Telescope - Orbital Automation - 25% City Science bonus & 
                                            discovers "The Signal".
Lasercom Satellite   - Orbital Networks   - 15% City Science bonus.
Miasmic Condenser    - Alien Ecology      - Generates miasma.
Miasmic Repulsor     - Ecology            - Clears miasma.
Orbital Fabricator   - Geoscaping         - +1 Production for overseen tiles, 
                                             adds strategic resources over tim.
Orbital Laser        - Cybernetics        - Attacks with 70 ranged 
                                             Combat Strength.
Planet Carver        - Astrodynamics      - Attacks with 120 ranged 
                                             Combat Strength.
Phasal Transporter   - Cybernetics        - Teleport units from friendly cities 
                                             to overseen areas.
Solar Collector      - Photosystems       - +1 Energy for overseen tiles;
                                            +20% Energy Creation in cities.
Tacnet Hub           - Communications     - +20% Combat Strength to friendly 
                                             units and +5 HP Healing per turn.
Weather Controller   - Climate Control    - +1 Food for overseen tiles; 
                                             adds basic resources over time.
Holomatrix           - Civil Support      - +2 Culture for overseen tiles; 
                                         cities within range have -50% Intrigue
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