Чит коды на Championship Manager 96/97 (PC)

Manage an international team:
(Please note that this cheat works with all championship manager games) 
Enter the name of the manager of the international team at that time 
(for example, for 96/7 league, For England you would put Glenn Hoddle), 
and then click on the team, et voila! 
You manage that International side!!!

To complete with 100% record:
If you lose a match and you want to play again press the star 
button and it restarts the game. You must save before each match though.
This also works on the other games except 98/99 and 99/00.

Get free players:
Offer lots of money to a team for a player so they accept it. 
Go to adjust offer and put it down to free. Then press cancel 
to and when complete the deal it is free.
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