Чит коды на Championship Manager 1997/1998 (PC)

To Edit Players

Go to editor, open the database 'Players,' click 'Edit Database'
and enter players. Click on him and you can then put all his
ratings up to 20. When you have done this you then Start a new
game and the player will be a top class footballer. You can also
create new players.
You can also change the team and management data.
Open 'Tmdata' or 'Mgdata' and edit it. You can give a team loads
of money by going to CASH and typing up to 50,000 (this will
change to 50 million.)

Press the Asterisk (*) key to quit without saving your game.
This is useful to go back to a saved point after bad results.

Become an international manager

Go to manger info, Add more managers. Select the country, and
when asked to type in mangers name type in the real coach's
Example: for England enter 'Glenn Hoddle' and for Holland enter
'Guus Hiddink'.
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