Чит коды на Caverns Of The Snow Witch (PC)

Easy "Birthday Cake!" achievement:
Either speak with the mountain elf or choose to go to the right at the first
junction in the caverns to encounter a gnome and a caveman. Choose to enter
the kitchen, then take the cake.

Easy "Curses!" achievement:
You will reach a junction after the cavern with the ice effigy and worshipers.
To will hear cries to the left. Choose to go in that direction to find a dwarf
that needs help. Ignore his pleas and return to the junction.
He will the curse you.

Easy "Ding! Dong!" achievement:
You cannot defeat the Snow Witch without the carved rune stick found in the
room with the gnome and cave man. Move to the right after meeting the mountain
elf, then attack the cave man. Remain and loot the location after the fight.
Make sure to check the rune stick before continuing.

Easy "Frost! Ice! Snow!" achievement:
The first enemy is the Ice Demon which is encountered not far into the caverns.
However this can be missed if you become friends with the mountain elf
on page 395. Instead, choose to walk past him then continue right or left
until you find a cavern with an ice effigy and ten nearby worshipers.
Try to sneak past then fight them when you get caught. They will drag you
away to face the Ice Demon. The second enemy is the Frost Giant. He is
encountered by entering the skull mouth behind the illusionist. If you
rescued the dwarf, you can kill him easily with the sling if you pass the
skill check. The third enemy is the Snow Witch, and she cannot be missed.
You do not have to fight them all in the same playthrough. Also, you just
have to find them. It does not matter if you fight them.

Easy "Magic Music" achievement:
To find the Minstrel, do not speak with the mountain elf near the entrance
to the caverns on page 395. Choose to walk past and passing the luck check
is the quickest to bypass him. Deal with the pit and goblins then continue
down the same path. After passing the frozen orc, you will reach the entrance
to a cave covered with an animal skin/ Throw back the skin and enter the cave.
Ask about the music.

Easy "Swept Away" achievement:
Early on you will be climbing a mountain. After fighting a yeti and
climbing on, you will hear a rumble on page 25. Fail a luck check to
have an avalanche start nearby. Fail a skill check to get caught in it.
Pass a luck check to survive the ride.

Easy "A Winner Is You" achievement:
To defeat the Snow Witch, obtain the square metal disc from the brain slayer.
After killing her with a stake, you will find her again in the next area.
Challenge her to a contest and she will start a guessing game. As long as
you choose to conceal the square, you will win.
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