Чит коды на Burntime (PC)

If you always wanted to make a fast location change,
here are the loaction specs that you have to fill in
with a hex editor in the savegame on offset 780.

13 Acit Town
25 Anif
0E Antella
04 Baerwalde
11 Big Hole
10 Dead Wood
03 Death Town
0A Desert Point
14 Devil Rock
12 Dog Shit
21 Eagles Nest
17 Factory
15 Gold Town
20 Hard Mens Dead
16 Heavens Gate
0D Monastery
0C Left End
08 Lost Hope
18 Mak Canyon
06 Muarab
07 Nakara
22 Nameless
01 New Sandez
23 Nirvana
05 Nob Hill
0F Numea
1B One Mens Heaven
1D Outback
1F Paradise Camp
1C Raffinery
1A Restaurant
24 Right End
02 Sana
19 Sherwood
1E Snake Hills
0B Stone Vent
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