Чит коды на Bugs Bunny And Taz: Time Busters (PC)

Extra life:
When you win the Pelota game or any of the others you
will get a coin of 25. Play again for an extra life.
Play it two more times and you will get another extra
life. Note: The Pelota game is easy when Taz is on the

Eat Bugs Bunny:
In the Aztec Era, play as Taz and stand by Bugs Bunny.
Wait a while and Taz will eat him. Note he will just
take a bite, and not eat him completely.

Borrowing health:
When you are Bugs Bunny or Taz, hit the other character
and they will cough up a carrot or two. You can use this
trick to get extra health if you there are no carrots
available or if you really need it.

Play as a monster in the Transylvania Era:
Put Bugs Bunny or Taz on the Transfer Machine. Then, have
a monster chase you. Run towards the circle on the Transfer
Machine. You will then be able to play as a monster.
Note: You also have to make your character stand perfectly
on a circle so you can swap brains.
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