Чит коды на Bruce Lee (PC)

(This is for the disk version only.) One thing you could do
is play option C, one player vs. your opponent played by the other
player. But this time, play alone, and make sure the second joystick
is calibrated wrong. If the computer sees that the Green Yamo isn't
moving, it will take over, so a wrong calibration will make it move
all of the time. So, you're playing, but that stupid ninja is in
your way and it won't let you win. So, fix it! Eliminate him. And
this is how you do it. Get a disk utility, preferably Norton
Utilities. Zap the Bruce Lee disk. Make the following changes
to a backup copy.

10F 	8B 	09 	3F
162	09 	3F

That's all there is to it. Now you play, the Green Yamo flying around
crazily, and the ninja. The ninja should appear for a quick second then
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