Чит коды на Biing 2 (PC)

If you want to change your "Luemmelstand", execute the
following steps:

1.Save Game.  Notice you your Luemmelstand.
2.The Luemmelstand into a Hex convert
(e.g. 700 = 2BC)
3.Hex turn (e.g. 2BC = BC02)
4.Open Savegame with a Hexeditor and look for this Hex.

The Luemmelstand is only four-digit and should considerable at
the end of the file.  Replace the value by FFFF and you should
65535 Luemmel have.

Individual values of the persons change with look up the person need
one the following data:
points of formation (1.Job),
points of formation (2.Job),
points of formation (3.Job),
age in Hex convert and one has the looked up person.

19 year old Hostess with 4 points of formation those a
Bunnygirl with 5 points of formation is simultaneous, looks
one for the following Hexwert:  " 01 05 00 04 05 13 ".
The Offset`s is arranged in the following series:
1.Job (2.digit),
2.Job (2.digit),
3.Job (2.digit),
points of formation
1.Job (2.digit), points of formation
2.Job (2.digit), points of formation
3.Job (2.digit), Age(2.digit), Groesse(4.digit),
Gewicht(4.digit), IQ(4.digit), Herz(4.digit),
Oberweite(4.digit), Taille(4.digit), Becken(2.digit).
4 lines further down are the empirical values, caution to 255 are
them to 2 digit starting from then 4 digit.
Note:  With four-digit offset are to be rotated these.

01 Hostess
02 chambermaids
03 Animateur
04 Fuzzy
05 Bunnygirl
06 Domina
08 coaches
09 Trainerin
0A Bikinigirl
0B portier
0C S&M Girl
0D nurse
0E cook
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