Чит коды на Big Mutha Truckers (PC)

Start game as usual, then go to the cheat menu in the options menu and
enter the following cheatcodes to enable cheatmenu toggles: 

CHEATINGMUTHATRUCKER - Enable All Cheats Except VARLEY/Evil Truck 
ATJCEHJMJ            - Enable All Cheats Except VARLEY/Evil Truck 
                      (If you choose to have the automatic Sat Nav, 
                       it will always take you to where you will get the 
                       best price, but you will not be able to race against 
                       the other truckers)
USETHEFORCE          - Automatic SATNAV 
SATNAV VICTORS       - Diplomatic immunity
VICTORS              - Diplomatic Immunity 
VARLEY               - Evil Truck 
DAISHI               - Small People 
GINGERBEER           - Hyperfast Truck 
PUBLICTRANSPORT      - Infinite Mission Timer 
6WL                  - Dissable Damage 
LAZYPLAYER           - Unlock All Missions 
LOTSAMONEY           - Pile Of Cash 
JINGLEBELLS          - ? 

NOTE: Cheats Are Selected ONOFF in Cheats Menu
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