Чит коды на Big Biz Tycoon (PC)

Press enter to open a command line then enter "cmd" with out the quotes.
This will enable the cheat mode.
Then enter the rest of the cheats.

repair          - Repair all objects in office        
mission ok      - Complete level                      
mission cancel  - Fail level                           
beggar enter    - Spawn beggar (in some levels)       
banker enter    - Spawn banker (in some levels)       
angel enter     - Spawn angel (in some levels)        
gangster enter  - Spawn gangster (in some levels)      
thief enter     - Spawn thief (in some levels)        
merchant enter  - Spawn merchant (in some levels)      
run mission     - Toggle mission                      
scenario check  - Log scenario                         
pr up           - Increase PR rating                  
pr down         - Decrease PR rating                  
time stop       - Stop time                           
time default    - Restore time                        
                  Set time multiplier; smaller 
time <number>   - values are faster                   
money <number>  - Get indicated amount of money        
level up        - Able to make up to level 5 projects
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