Чит коды на Beach Party Craze (PC)

Right click the shortcut icon for the game and choose properties.
Click on "Find target..." button and you will be directed to the 
folder of the game.
Double click on the folder "data" to go into it.

Double click on the folder "Levels" to go into it.
Inside the folder "Levels", there is a file called "Level_01_01". 
Right click on it and choose to open with notepad.

Once open, you can change the money you start with that level and 
how many stars you will get as well for finishing that level. i.e. 
[Money Value = "100"/] means you start with 100 money. So, if you 
change it to [Money Value = "100000"/] basically it will put you 
with 100k at the start of the level.
[Expert Time = "160" Stars = "15"/] shows that you will get 15 stars
when you finish the level in expert time. Just replace it with 3000 
and you're good for the whole game i would say.

After finishing, close the file and save it. Take note that for one  
file, it only changes for one level. So, if you want to change money 
for the rest of the levels, you have to change one by one. No need 
to change the stars since we already put in 3000 for the first level
which would last us the whole game.
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