Чит коды на Baldies (PC)

How to Quickly Complete a Level:
When the game starts you usually have a ten to twenty Baldies wandering
aimlessly around. Here's how to quickly turn them into a winning force.

Secret levels:
Begin game play at level four or higher at the game
speed set to the slowest option. Drop a sheep in the
water. Drop ten dolphins on your Science Lab, then
complete the current level. Secret levels will
replace levels 1 and 2.

Build A Stage 2 House
1. Change all your Baldies into builders (the blue Baldy icon).
2. Find a large, clear area and  plant a flag. Make sure there is
lots of room and than no trees, rocks, or other land features will
block the growth of the house.
3. After the Baldies build a stage 1 house fill it with ten builders.
Go inside the house and make sure they are building a red house.
4. Wait until the house expands to a stage 2 house.

Breed the Baldies, Expand the House
1. Move any Baldies outside the house inside.
2. Go inside the house and move all but two of the builder Baldies (blue)
to the breeding room (red).
3. After a little while extra Baldies will be pushed out of the house.
Wait for ten to be pushed out.
4. Go inside the house and change all the Baldies back into builders.
5. Wait for the house to upgrade to stage 3.
6. Move any Baldies outside the house inside and change all but four
of the builders into breeders. This will maximize the breeding rate
for the house
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