Чит коды на Backyard Soccer MLS Edition (PC)

Play against the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational" teams:

Win the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational Tournament" to
play against the "Rug Burners", "Carpet Sweepers",
"Turf Mowers" and "Abominable Cherry-Pickers".

Play against other teams:

Get to the P Division to play against the
"Ticklish Tornadoes", "Salty Sea Cows",
"Screaming Chihuahuas", "Spiffy Penguins",
"Lumpy Gravies", and all the MLS Teams.

Play against the "International Tournament" teams:

Win the "International Tournament" in The P
Division to play against all of the International
teams including the "Fancy Pandas" from China,
"Garlic Gladiators" from Rome, "Funky Pharos" from
Egypt and many more.
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