Чит коды на Anno 1404 (PC)

Unlimited Gold cheat:
First of download the FREE programm "artmoney" just google it, 
its small and fast to download.
Install and open ArtMoney.
Now launch Anno 1404 and proceed to the main menu.
Now you the windows key or [Alt]+[Tab] to return to windows.
In ArtMoney you can select of process, find Anno 1404 and select it.
Now gow to the search field and enter the value 80000.
Now transfer all values on the left side to the right by double clicking it.
Each Value should only be selected once, no more then 60 values in total.
Now select the value and put 999999999 in the field, 
and paste it all the way to the bottom.

Now that you have done this you can return to Anno 1404.
Now choose contineous game, select the settings you want. 
Now for the gold select 80000. 
Also choose ship and NOT the warehouse options.
Launch the game and you should have 999,9 million gold piece to you disposal.

Now you can enjoy the game and not worry about gold
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