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Stronghold (PC)

At the main menu, press [Shift]+[Alt]+[A] to enable cheat mode.
During gameplay you can now use the following codes:

[Alt]+[K] - Building is free, no resources are required
[Alt]+[C] - Access to all missions at campaign selection screen
[Alt]+[X] - Add 1000 gold and set popularity to 100

Stopping Bear Attacks:
When you see a bear appear or hear of one attacking, just build
a wooden wall around it and soon it will die. Or you can send
your Archers to kill it, which is a quick way of stopping
bears and gaining popularity.

Destroying the Enemy quickly:
In order to destroy your enemy, place as many Archers as you can
on the wall facing the sign post. A small number of Archers can
take out a reasonable size army.

Start the game with the strong debug command line.
Then, enter one of the following codes

Result Code
Increase unit level                [Alt] + L
Hit all enemies on screen          [Alt] + Y
Kill single enemy                  [Alt] + Z
Change enemy building 1 on square  [Alt] + B
Change enemy building 10 on square [Alt] + F
Change the character               [Alt] + C
Destroy enemy fortress             [Alt] + K
Character increases level          [Alt] + P
Destroy main stronghold            [Alt] + G
Change time of year                [Alt] + S
Quit game                          [Alt] + M

Endless Stones/Cows for Siege Equipment:
This requires you to have some gold at the beginning of the siege 
to work. When used in conjunction with the trainer "" 
you can have virtually endless pieces of equipment. 
When either your trebuchets or catapults run out of stone and cows 
during a siege, follow these steps to get more of each: 

1. Highlight the now empty equipment. You'll see 3 green arrows fanning 
   outwards, indicating you want your engineers to leave it. Click on 
   it to do so, and they'll now be free for other tasks. You can let the 
   equipment stay to draw any fire off your troops, or decommission it 
   to clear the way. Just make sure you command your engineers to leave 
   it first, or else you'll lose them! The engineers are key, so be sure 
   to move them to a safe location. **NOTE** -- You can also use this 
   option for mobile shields, battering rams, or any other equipment you 
   don't think you'll be using to free up additional engineers. 

2. Select a "cannon fodder" troop, such as a spearman. Creep him towards 
   the opposing castle's walls to check the range of any defending weapons. 
   Once this range is found, post one of these troops there as a "marker" 
   for the next step. 

3. Have only one engineer begin building a trebuchet or catapult 
   *just behind* the marker troop. You want only one in case the larger 
   object (the equipment) triggers a volley of enemy fire -- that way you'd 
   lose only one. 

4. Once completed, let loose! You'll notice you now have 20 stone and at 
   least 2 cows for the new equipment. When it's "gone dry," reassign those 
   engineers to build a new piece, and you'll again have 20 stone and 2 cows. 

5. Repeat as necessary, from all possible angles. Using this technique, 
   it's possible to destroy a castle from right around an enemy, and 
   a good many of the bad guys as well. Then you only need to send in your 
   remaining troops to "mop up."
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