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Starsiege (PC)

All & Unlimited Herc's & Weapons
1: Use Windows Explorer and go into the campaign file.

2: Go in either cybrid or human file.

3: Open the campaign file (if it asks how to open it
scroll down and click on NOTEPAD) (on human side it
should be the 1st file, on cybrid: 34th).

4: Where it says usePlanetInv = true; (In 29th row of
cybrid side and 33rd on the human side,) erase true
and replace by typing in bool. so the row should say:
usePlanetInv = bool;

5: In the 36th row of the Cybrid side, 40th on human side,
where it says techLevel = 3; and replace the three with 10.
So it should say techLevel = 10;

6: Save your files and exit.

7: Start a new campaign using the side(s) that you changed.
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