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Stargunner (PC)

Cheat Codes
To enable cheats, press the "Pause" key (you must be in pause mode to
type in cheat codes), followed by "imabigcheat". You will hear a bell
sound when cheats become enabled as well as see your score disappear.
You cannot enter a high score if you cheat.

blast     - Full powerup of the current main weapon
plasma    - Selects plasma main weapon (blue wide fire)
pulse     - Selects pulse main weapon (red stream fire)
cash      - Mega credits, gives you 5,000 credits.
flames    - Ship becomes invincible for a short time.
nuke      - Full nukes; gives you up to 4 nukes
life      - Extra Life
warpto#   - Warp to any level in current episode where # is a level 1 - 9
impulse   - Standard Impulser engine          
ioniser   - Hydrogen Ioniser engine           
megapulse - Megapulse 2000 engine             
gravdis   - Gravdis 5 engine                  
ener      - Enertron satellite                
mine      - Mineslammer satellite             
dyna      - Dynamo 500 satellite              
t00       - Removes top weapon                
t01       - Credit Drone top weapon           
t02       - Plasma Bomb top weapon            
t03       - Evolter top weapon                
t04       - Matter Disruptor top weapon       
t05       - Rebounder top weapon              
t06       - A-Matt Boomerang top weapon       
t07       - Fragmentor BE800 top weapon       
t08       - Bi Partical Cannon top weapon     
t09       - Flamer top weapon                 
t10       - Ion Cannon top weapon             
t11       - Magnum 3000DX top weapon          
t12       - Dual Laser top weapon             
t13       - Torpedo Launcher top weapon       
b00       - Removes bottom weapon             
b01       - Credit Drone bottom weapon        
b02       - Plasma Bomb bottom weapon         
b03       - Evolter bottom weapon             
b04       - Matter Disruptor bottom weapon    
b05       - Rebounder bottom weapon           
b06       - A-Matt Boomerang bottom weapon    
b07       - Fragmentor BE800 bottom weapon    
b08       - Bi Partical Cannon bottom weapon  
b09       - Flamer bottom weapon              
b10       - Ion Cannon bottom weapon          
b11       - Magnum 3000DX bottom weapon       
b12       - Dual Laser bottom weapon          
b13       - Torpedo Launcher bottom weapon
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