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Star Trek: StarFleet Command 3 (PC)

First go to the program files and find the path for sfc3. 
For W98 it's program files/activision/sfc3/assets/metaAssets/singleplayer. 
Now click on "character" 
and edit the file (note you may need to use wordpad to edit. MAKE SURE THAT YOU 
SAVE A BACKUP OF THE ORIGINAL) then where it says "StartingPrestige" put the 
amount you wish to start with. When you start a new campaign, the amount you 
put in is what you will start with.
Please note that there's a number of files that you can edit for a cheat. 
An example is you can change the names of ships under "common setting" and 
the prices of the supplies in the supply dock etc.You can also change the mass 
of shields & weapon items as well as the damage, price, etc. and this can help 
create powerful ships.

Finding cloaked ships:
Before a ship cloaks, enable "Follow Target". When the ship cloaks, you 
will not be able to target it, but will be facing it when it decloaks.
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