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Star Trek: Starfleet Command 1 (PC)

Get 4000 Prestige Points
When Playing a mission (any mission), do an alpha strike on
the Aft right shield, but DO NOT DESTROY IT COMPLETELY - It
may take a couple of tries not to do this.
If you destroy it this will not work. Then fire a photon into
the front left shield. Then hit ctrl + f4 and it will give
you 4000 prestige points!

To increase your prestige in the campaign game go to the
Spacedock and sell all of your missiles. Then select the
slowest missile engine and buy x4 for a cost of 1) then x3
(at -1, giving you your prestige point back), then x2
(for another -1) then standard (for another -1). Go back
to x4 and repeat, going for as much prestige as you need.
This will not affect your career prestige for gaining rank,
but it does allow you to purchase that much needed upgrade.
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