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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (PC)

Fire While Cloaked Cheat:
Chose any vessel with cloak ability in creat
mission. When game starts before you do ANYTHING
type "CAR". You will cloak and still be able to use
your weapons but not your targeting computer so I
reccomend swithing to manual fire by hitting "W"
and selecting each weapon so you will have to do
it twice. If at anytime you un-cloak you will not
be able to use the fire while cloaked cheat for t
he remander of the encounter.

To reload Photons in Mission 7:
Type ****TIBERIUS after first battle (may have to type
twice) go to transporter range of starbase hit [I].
Should reload photons. In Omega 12-300 type $PUNISH to
get extra photon power.

To kill Romulan near Raven in END GAME.

To kill Sherak in Smugglers Den.
Type $->ME!

Where ist the extra system/battle.

In Common Ground, warp to Thaxius from Tasocles.
In Balance of Terror, type KNAT ATTACK in Starbase system.
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