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Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard (PC)

PressS TAB once, then type in one of the following codes: 
allammo - All ammunition 
behindview 1 - External view 
behindview 0 - Normal view 
flush - Reset bad textures on walls or creatures 
fly - Fly mode 
ghost - No clipping mode 
god - God mode 
hideactors - Hide all monsters, weapons, and items 
invisible0 - Disable invisibility 
invisible1 - Invisibility 
killall (monster name) - Kill selected monsters 
killpawns - Kill all monsters 
open (map name) - Level select 
playersonly - Disable timer 
showactors - Show all monsters, weapons, and items 
slomo (number) - Set game speed (1 is normal) 
summon (item) - Summon weapon, item, or monster 
   summon klingons.batleth 
   summon klingons.daktagh 
   summon klingons.disruptorpistol 
   summon klingons.disruptorrifle 
   summon klingons.assaultdisruptor 
   summon klingons.spinclaw 
   summon klingons.grenadelauncher 
   summon klingons.rocketlauncher 
   summon klingons.sithhar 
   summon klingons.particlecannon 
   summon klingons.combatarmor 
   summon klingons.combatgoggles 
   summon klingons.vacsuit 
   summon klingons.medikit 
   summon klingons.dilithiumcellcase 
   summon klingons.communicator 
   summon klingons.stealthsuit 
   summon klingons.camera1 - summons a static camera 
   summon klingons.camera2 - summons a moveable camera 
   summon klingons.camera3 - summons a sniper camera 
   summon klingons.gagh - A bowl of Gagh 
   summon klingons.bloodwine 
   summon klingons.genetickey 
   summon klingons.retinalkey 
   summon klingons.passcardkey 
   summon klingons.palmkey 
   summon klingons.cipherkey 
   summon klingons.targ - Get a free Targ to hunt. 
   summon klingons.herockets 
   summon klingons.herocketcase 
   summon klingons.hfrockets 
   summon klingons.hfrocketcase (You won't see anything with either of 
                                 the hfrockets/case codes but walk 
                                               forward for a surprise) 
   summon klingons.hkrockets 
   summon klingons.hkrocketcase 
   summon klingons.spinclaws    (Useful when you've lost your Spinclaw) 
   summon klingons.canister 
   summon klingons.canistercase 
   summon klingons.antigravbelt 
   summon klingons.magboots 
   summon klingons.tarchop 
   summon klingons.nausican 
   summon klingons.lethian 
   summon klingons.bireqt 
   summon klingons.andoriancaptain 
   summon klingons.attackdroid1 - gives you type one 
   summon klingons.attackdroid2 - gives you type two 
   summon klingons.attackdroid - gives you type three 
suicide - Suicide 
walk - Walk mode; resets no clipping and flight modes
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